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OpenTeQ makes life simple: easy implementation, easy growth, easy day-to-day use.

As a NetSuite Solution Provider and authorized reseller, OpenTeQ works directly with Oracle-NetSuite to get you the best price quote for your organization.

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License As You Go

Only pay for users and modules you need now. User licenses and additional modules are available anytime. User licenses and modules are monthly flat rates for the duration of your software license term. When you need to upgrade to accommodate growth, no starting over from the beginning; transition to the next edition – no system migration needed.

Streamline ERP Implementation

You want the fastest, most effective NetSuite implementation possible. From purchasing NetSuite licenses to configuring your new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, OpenTeQ can help you determine which features you need most and which to skip.We guide you through the entire NetSuite ERP implementation process.

A Partner for Growth

As Western Canada’s premier solution provider, we provide:

  • Business leadership.
  • In-depth industry knowledge.
  • Functional expertise achieved through dedication to NetSuite ERP software selection and the implementation process.
  • OpenTeQ is your partner for growth providing custom one-on-one support with NetSuite implementation experts.

Why Choose

Growing companies need a modern ERP Cloud System to improve processes and collect accurate, on-demand data. NetSuite ERP provides a 360-degree view of all data and processes within your business. NetSuite is the world’s #1 cloud ERP.

NetSuite Licensing Services

At OpenTeQ, we make it easy to license, implement, and optimize your end-to-end NetSuite ERP solution. NetSuite offers a variety of options regarding user licenses and adding features and modules as you grow.

As a leading NetSuite Solutions Provider Partner, OpenTeQ can help you determine the NetSuite licensing that lets you improve your unique business processes with the world’s #1 cloud ERP.

How it Works

Choose Your NetSuite License

As a Software as a Service (Saas) platform, NetSuite ERP is subscription-based, so your license will depend on the size and requirements of your organization. OpenTeQ will help determine how many user accounts and which features or modules you need.

The 4 Types of NetSuite License Tiers

Companies can choose from four types of NetSuite licensing tiers depending on their size, requirements, and budget.

  1. NetSuite Small Business Edition: For start-ups that require only one user.
  2. NetSuite Limited Edition: For growing businesses that require 1 to 10 NetSuite users.
  3. NetSuite Mid-Market Edition: For scaling organizations that require 11 to 1000 NetSuite users.
  4. NetSuite Enterprise Edition: For companies that require more than 1000 NetSuite users.

NetSuite Implementation Services

Let our certified consultants and business leaders get to work building, implementing, and configuring your solution.

At OpenTeQ, we understand that implementing a new ERP solution is a daunting task, and that it takes more than just IT support to get an ERP implementation done on time and within budget. As Western Canada’s leading NetSuite Partner Company, we offer on-demand expert consulting to deliver an unrivaled Client Experience.

We want to ensure you leverage the true power of NetSuite ERP. Our Client Experience approach discovers your current system’s opportunities and pain points before you commit. Once you have agreed to the implementation road map, our highly trained, certified consultants and business leaders get to work building your solution.


The success of your ERP implementation relies on careful planning and understanding of NetSuite implementation steps to increase the chances of completing the project on time and under budget.

We license, implement, train and support NetSuite cloud ERP. You get direct, on-demand access to our business and implementation experts. Our Client Experience focuses on your business and NetSuite ERP implementation success.

Cloud ERP solutions provider by not putting our clients first. At OpenTeQ, we want you to feel as though we are truly a part of your team, and not just an outsourced expert.

With NetSuite Cloud ERP software, you have resources that enable you to level up your business for improved outcomes. During the planning process, we establish the timeline by identifying principal resources and responsibilities for your internal teams and project teams as a whole.

Business process automation (BPA) eliminates manual, repetitive tasks and processes to generate significant efficiency gains, reduce errors, increase transparency, and save costs. Process automation frees employees to focus on value-added tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many NetSuite Licenses Do I Need?

the number of NetSuite licenses you need will depend on your specific business requirements and the number of users who will be accessing the system. We can help assess your needs and provide recommendations for the appropriate number of licenses to ensure optimal usage and compliance with NetSuite licensing policies.

How Long Does A NetSuite ERP Implementation Take?

Depending on the complexity of your business, your NetSuite ERP implementation “go-live” date could vary. The average NetSuite ERP implementation only takes 90-120 days.A thorough examination and discovery phase will help you build an accurate schedule and save you the time expense of costly “add-ons,” customizations, hidden costs.

How Do I Determine My Business Requirements?

Choosing the wrong ERP system can be a costly mistake. Every organization should perform ERP requirements gathering to select the best system for their company. The right NetSuite ERP cloud deployment brings order to chaos by integrating and automating disconnected business processes and delivers greater efficiency and better business agility.

What Type Of NetSuite User Licenses Are Available?

There are four distinct NetSuite User Types: Employee, Vendor, Partner and Customer. Each user type provides role-based access and functionality with different levels of access to NetSuite. User types are customizable for even more control.

Who Manages My NetSuite ERP Implementation Project?

OpenTeQ will provide you with a senior business consultant, project manager, technical consultants, a detailed plan, and a timeline to keep your project on time and on budget. Your NetSuite ERP system is the backbone of your business, so it is essential to map out business requirements and resources thoroughly. OpenTeQ will work with you to ensure the project achievable on your end.

How Will I Migrate My Data During ERP Implementation?

Data migration refers to moving data from one source to another, or from your legacy system to NetSuite ERP. Data migration is one of the biggest challenges of any ERP project due to their time. There is potential for changing the go-live schedule if the team does not adhere to change management processes. Migrations involve several data formats and structures and require careful data cleansing to eliminate failed data transfers.

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