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We help you modernize applications and shift from legacy to leading-edge systems. Justify your IT spending with intelligent process automation.

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RPA and AI solutions for smart enterprises

We enable your business to stay relevant with robotic automation solutions that overcome operational and technical vulnerabilities. Stay relevant with RPA technology in the face of growing competition to optimize business processes and generate more value from your talented resources.

Hand over repetitive, high-volume tasks to RPA automation and reduce human effort. Empower your resources with advanced technologies and cognitive processes of robotic automation software to innovate, collaborate and create.

Our RPA Offerings

OpenTeQ ‘s data-driven RPA Services are designed to take your business beyond conventional automation. From RPA strategy to implementation, deployment to maintenance, we handle end-to-end requirements for robotics process automation.

RPA Consulting Services

Determining RPA readiness for maximum agility and implementation speed. Helping businesses validate use cases and chalk-out strategies for RPA adoption.

RPA Implementation Services

Blended delivery model for a phased approach (pilot and full-scale) for Robotic Process Automation Platform Implementation, Design Automation, Workflow Automation, and more.

RPA Software Development

Certified developers for efficient delivery of intelligent document recognition and capture software, extraction technology, image processing, desktop and GUI automation, web scraping automation, and analytics automation.

RPA Integration Services

Seamless integration of RPA tools with custom business workflows, processes, or applications like ERP systems, CRM platforms, or content management systems.

RPA Development Support

Tailormade solutions with on-demand skilled RPA/IPA solution architects and developers specializing in Automation Anywhere, UiPath, Blue Prism, Keras, Caffe, Tensor Flow, etc.

RPA Managed Services

SLA-based arrangements for RPA solution maintenance with on-site and off-site support in all major geographies with flexible project cycles.

OpenTeQ's end-to-end RPA solutions

Process Delivery
1. Process Delivery
  •  ProcessAudit
  •  Automation Road-map
  •  Business Use Case
RPA Planning
2. RPA Planning
  •  Maturity Assessment
  •  Process Mapping & Design
  •  Process Optimization
  •  Center of excellence creation
RPA Implementation
3. RPA Implementation
  •  Bot Testing
  •  Bot Regression
  •   Bot Upgrade
  •  Bot Deployment
Client Care
4. Client Care
  •  Hypercare
  •  Monitoring and Support
  •  Process Improvements
  •  Managed Services


For Start-ups and Scale-ups

Disrupt the market and thrive with lightning-fast RPA processesthat make the most of limited resources


for Healthcare

Streamline revenue cycles and manage patient data efficiently with RPA tools


For Finance

Increase accuracy, boost profits and maintain the competitive edge in this heavily data-driven industry

RPA Tools We Leverage

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RPA helps in streamlining workflows for higher accuracy, increased compliance, boosted productivity, and accelerated digital transformation. This results in resilient organizations where processes are cost-effective and employees generate more value as they are free from mundane tasks.

RPA is changing the way businesses do work. Repetitive, high-volume, lower-value tasks are being performed by bots. Some examples are completing routine analysis and reports, logging data, extracting, copying, and inserting data. RPA can also enable cognitive processes like interpreting text and understanding unstructured data. With this helping hand, human resources can contribute more to innovation for higher business value and customer satisfaction.

RPA has widespread applications in almost all industries you can think of. From manufacturing to healthcare, and public to retail, RPA is driving a new era of business where people are free from repetitive tasks. Any application that is high-volume, rule-based, and repeatable can be handled by RPA.

While RPA and AI are different things, the combination of the two unlocks a huge potential that is revolutionizing businesses everywhere. Robotic Process Automation Technology utilizes AI skills to dramatically expand the functionality of bots, especially for cognitive processes. A few examples are understanding documents, comprehending speech, visualizing screens, etc.

You need the right RPA partner to help you understand the best way to modernize your enterprise. OpenTeQ experts, with deep expertise in the domain, provide end-to-end RPA services that enable you to transform your business operations. Contact us today to start your RPA journey.

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